This blog is an honest, open sharing of my heart as I journey through this crazy, sacred, grace-filled life.  I’ve been married to Wesley for nearly 16 years and we have five amazing, unique children.  The first three were born all 18 (ish) months apart when Wes and I were just babies in our very early 20s.  They are now 15, 13,  and 11.  The next two came almost ten years later – first Kyle through a foster to adopt blessing (he’s 3) and then our biological miracle,  Sammy (now 8 months).  It’s wild!

We have been home educating using a Charlotte Mason inspired approach for more than 10 years now.  Our kids have never been to school…

Ours is a humble story where we’ve learned over and over again why we NEED a Saviour.  One day we whispered dreams of living in a little country house where we could chop wood and grow a vegetable garden.  It seemed like a complete impossibility.  Now,  we are beyond filled with joy to live in our little (barely 900 square feet) 100-year-old country home nestled beside farmlands on one side and a rushing river on the other. And yes, we chop wood.  And the garden is a work in progress…

In our neighbourhood there are chicks and chickens and streams and woodlands…

For us, really truly living means desperately striving to unplug from the clutter of  culture, consumerism, pop-culture, and media and truly tune in to God and each other.  Oh boy, are we a work in progress…

The whole Unplugged Family  thing came upon us naturally.  God has revealed truth to us in baby steps and our hearts have radically changed with regard to our view of this crazy world.  

I spent many, many years studying Media Arts and Television Production with hopes of a career in the field.  A radio host once said my life was a ‘complete oxymoron’.  I laughed and in that moment – embraced the crazy truth.  It is my passion to reveal the many lies we are told through the Media and give parents, educators, and kids the tools they need to become more Media-aware.  But it is a far deeper passion that the souls of this world come to find and rejoice in the saving love and grace of Yeshua, Christ Jesus.

Big hugs and kisses from our family straight to yours.

Thank you for being here.



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In Christ,